Articles On Training

Title Author
Manaka Sensei's 1997 Seminar in Dayton (1997)Kikue Kato
Waking Up Your Training (11-1997) Shawn Havens
Taking Your Training Outside the Dojo (12-1998) Sukh Sandhu
Like Clouds and Water (10-1999) Manaka "Unsui"  Sensei
A Note From Unsui Sensei (03-2000) Manaka "Unsui"  Sensei
My Time in the Woods (01-2001) Andy Lien
A Reintroduction to Your Own Body (07-2001) Crystal Sierra
Observation and Clarity in Training (08-2001) Paul Baker
A View From The Outside (12-2001) Sukh Sandhu
The Switch (12-2001) Aman Brar
Perceptions of Safety (03-2002) Sam Foster
Sensei's Budo (08-2002) Jaye Sandhu
Training Becoming A Part of My Life (06-2002) Chuck VanDine
The Beating of My Life (11-2002) Chuck VanDine
The Jinenkan In My Life (11-2002) Chris Strack
Frame Work For Life (03-2003) Chris Boozell
Hakama (09-2003) Sam Foster
Spiritual Strength Through Training (06-2004) Sukh Sandhu
Choices (11-2004) Marshall Norman
Conditioning The Mind (02-2005) Tetsuo Kaieda
Observing The Moment (02-2005) John Chrisman
Reflections on Training (04-2005) Steaven Meyer
Building Castles on the Sand (05-2005) James Sutton
Boxing (05-2006) Patrick Pitts
Success of Failure (05-2006) Adam Kankey

A Series of Decisions… (07-2006)

Adam Kankey
A Good Day to Die (12-2006) Jim Nielson
Important Things When Training (03-2007) Brian LaMaster
Reason For My Resgination (10-2007) Sukh Sandhu
AFROTC "Leadership" (04-29-08) Sukh Sandhu
Reflection of AFROTC Training Event (05-30-08) Mike Kinsey
Surrender (07-19-08) Jaye Sandhu
What You Put In... (08-03-08) Aman Brar
The Choice of Perseverance (08-14-08) John Chrisman
A Few Thoughts (08-14-08) WS Bumgarner
Shooting Schools (08-19-08) John Farnam
If You Only Have A Hammer (02-03-09) Mike Kinsey
Taking Certain Things for Granted in Training (06-26-09) WS Bumgarner
Getting Rid Of An Old Crutch (09-18-09) Preston Gardom
Zanshin (01-10) Mike Marziale  
"My Perception of The FIRST Kokomo Gi-Yu Workshop" (02-10) Jim Nielson
"Our First Budo Workshop" (03-10) Roy Smith
"Training As An Older Student" (05-10)     Todd Engelman
"Reflections" (05-10) Preston Gardom
"A Real Experience" (07-10) Dan Levorchick
"Giyu Dojo Annual Seminar" (07-10) David Levorchick
"My Impressions" (07-10) Mike Marziale  
"Budo - A Poem" (07-10) Joe Motos Gordon
"Compassion and Refining" (07-10) Jim Nielson
"Giyu Dojo Experience" (07-10) Luke Lindeman
"My First Experience" (08-10) Jake Lund
"Bojutsu" (08-11) Mike Marziale  
"Bojutsu Perspectives" (08-11) Todd Engelman
"Training: Changing Your Vision" (04-12) Dan Levorchick
"Let The Blade Do The Cutting" (07-12) Doug Sunnenberg
"Being Bamboo: Finding Relaxed Strength" (07-12) Bernie Gourley
"Shu Ha Ri" (01-13) WS Bumgarner
"My Week at the Muay Thai Institute" (03-13) Bernie Gourley
"Reflections" (06-13) Adam Ciarlariello
"Lessons Learned From Testing" (07-13) Bernie Gourley
"Brethren not Brothers" (07-13)  Brittney Mooney
"The NEW Atlanta Gi Yu Dojo" (07-13)    WS Bumgarner    
"My Training Experience - Message" (12-13)    Carsten Neumann
"Communities" (03/14) Keith Fuller
"Testing Observations" (04/14) Todd Engelman
"Ideas From the Past to Serve the Present" (04/14) Sukh Sandhu
"7th Annual Seminar Reflections" (06/14) Matt Wooton
"Ni Kyu and Ichi Kyu Reflections" (06/14) Adam Ciarlariello
"Two Key Elements For Training in Budo" (07/14) Chuck VanDine
"Reflections On Seminars" (07/14) Aman Brar
"Seminar 2014" (07/14) WS Bumgarner
"Desires, Dreams, and Wants The Sukh Sandhu Story" (03/15) Sukh Sandhu
"The Life History of Sukhdev Sandhu" (03/15) Rachel Sheidler
"Kukishin Ryu Jojutsu Reflection" (06/15) Matt Wooton
"A Black belt from the Gi Yu Dojo" (07/15)  Brittney Mooney
"Reflections of Shodan" (09/15)Adam Ciarlariello
"Therapy" (10/15) Phil Kelly
"Thoughts Regarding The Basic Combat Handgun Training & Budo " (11/15)Doug Sunnenberg
"Thoughts on Tameshigiri (11/15)Matt Wooton
"A Soft Spot To Land (1/16)WS Bumgarner
"Cleaning Time (3/16)Chuck VanDine
"Urban Jungle (3/16)WS Bumgarner
"My San Kyu Exam" (6/16)Mary Ellen Smith
"Shodan..Pass or Fail..One of the Best Lessons I Have Ever Had" (6/16)Andreas Syllaba
"9th Annual Seminar Reflections" (6/16)Sukh Sandhu
"My First Experience with the San Kyu Exam " (7/16)Jeremy Smith
"My First GiYu Honbu Visit" (7/16)Bryan Chunasamy
"Ichi Kyu and the Mind, Body, Spirit" (7/16)Chris Zapata
"Ichi Kyu Reflections" (7/16)Will Grilliot
"Where the head goes, the body must follow" (7/16) Brittney Mooney
"The Path" (7/16)WS Bumgarner
"Thoughts About the 9th Annual GiYu Dojo Seminar" (8/16)Chuck VanDine
"Another Look at Zanshin" (8/16)Laura Benton
"A Life of Balance" (9/16)James Sutton
"Everyday Carry" (10/16)Matt Wooton
"Awareness" (12/16)Aman Brar
"Happy New Year 2017"Sukh Sandhu
"Focus and Intent (02/17)"Chris Zapata
"Unforgettable Week (06/17)"Kikue Kato
"10th Annual Gi Yu Kyo Kai Seminar (06/17)"Sukh Sandhu
"The Shodan Test Challenge Experience (06/17)"Andreas Syllaba
"Shodan Testing & The 2017 Seminar (06/17)"Will Grilliot
"My Thoughts of the 2017 Gi Yu Seminar (06/17)" Chris Zapata
"Stay Ignited, Stay Frosty (06/17)"Brittney Mooney
"Thoughts on my First Seminar and Rank Test (06/17)"Mike Elrod
"10 Years, My reflections of my past, present, and future (07/17)"WS Bumgarner
"Guilt vs Duty (10/17)"Sukh Sandhu
"Are you a Titan (10/17)"Will Grilliot
"My First Atlanta Workshop (11/17)"Mary Ellen Smith
"Atlanta Gi Yu Dojo Workshop Takeaways (11/17)"Jordan McGuire
"Dai Ko Myo Sai 2017 (12/17)"Sukh Sandhu
"2017, another year passes, a lifetime of knowledge, a bight future (1/18)"Chuck VanDine